GPS: It Will Save Your Marriage!

One mom says a GPS system has replaced having to go to marriage counseling. Another mom says it's a source for arguments....

Loveawake publisher Annie: I've been with my husband for a sometimes-long-sometimes-short seven years. I'd estimate that eight out of every ten times we get in a fight, we're in the car. We have our best moments when we go to new places, but traveling to the destination was never our strong suit. Sometimes it's because we are back seat driving for each other, but most of the time it's because we're worried about getting lost or we're actually lost. We were about to go to marriage counseling, but then we got a GPS and I swear it's helped my marriage immensely. A GPS is a global positioning system a.k.a. a satellite navigation system.

I got one on a whim about two months ago and we've used it faithfully ever since. We even flew with it when we went to visit my mother and plugged it into the rental car. Our ride from the airport to her home two hours away was eventless -- the soothing lady voice telling us which way to turn and when. Besides the fact that my husband tried to rent a Hummer, we had no fights about driving that weekend -- an accomplishment that would be highly unlikely without that tiny machine. (I made him exchange the Hummer, of course.)

Besides getting you from point A to point B, it can help you find the type of food you want, the nearest gas station and some even tell you where traffic is and how to avoid it. They are so much fun to use and really take a lot of the stress out of driving. I do have to confess though, that yesterday on our way home from a weekend away, my husband asked if I had plugged the proper address in. Maybe we should go to counseling after all.

Mom Logic's Jenny: One thing both Annie and I can probably agree on is that men don't like to get lost. They get stressed and agitated and god forbid they should have to ask someone (you) for directions. So for that, and that alone, the GPS is great. HOWEVER, for me, personally, the GPS is a constant source of arguing.

First of all, my husband is obsessed with it. He uses it wherever we go, and whenever he can. (Um, I'm pretty sure he knows how to get from the grocery store home). Second of all, he can't keep his hands off it. Literally, he is pushing and playing and touching the knob as he drives. It drives me nuts and I am constantly asking him to put his hands on the wheel instead of zooming in to look at the route that the stupid voice is telling us to take. And the voice... OMG, the voice. She is so annoying. God forbid you take a wrong turn, or deviate from her direction, you'll never hear the end of it. She tells you over, and over, and over again... "Right turn ahead. Right turn ahead." Maybe I'm jealous. I mean, seriously, sometimes he defends her. I'll tell him that I think she's taking us out of the way, and he quickly responds with "She knows." Really? Does she know that it took you an extra ten minutes to punch in the stupid address and that's why we're going to be ten minutes late to the movie theater (that you already know how to get to in the first place!!!).

The point is, GPS can actually be a source of tension in my marriage. It's just another device that distracts my husband and makes me crazy. Whatever happened to good old Thomas Guides... or even Mapquest? Is that already obsolete??? I don't know. If it works to help your marriage, great. But unless GPS gives directions on putting away the dishes, and he listens, I think it's annoying!;id=2;url=